Getting Started

While Alexsander Academy is designed to serve students that learn best in a small classroom, the school is NOT equipped to serve students with aggressive behaviors. All students must be able to be in a classroom environment. Alexsander Academy will be happy to refer students that need greater support than we can provide to other programs that may be a better fit for their needs.

School tours are held weekly. An appointment is needed to ensure your spot on tour days. Students are encouraged to join their parents on tour days. After the school tour, parents may also schedule a day to observe a class in progress.

Application paperwork can be found on the website and additional paperwork may be given through the school office if needed. The application fee is $200.00. If the student is accepted the yearly $50 supply fee for that school year will be waived as part of the application fee. The prospective student will meet with school staff for informal placement testing. The application paperwork must be filled out completely and returned to the school along with the application fee before the application testing can be scheduled. This testing is designed to allow the staff to get to know the student and is done in a relaxed format. We encourage parents to provide any information they can to help staff in making the student feel as comfortable as possible. After the testing is done, parents will receive a write up of what was found during the application testing along with information on enrollment, should the student be offered placement at Alexsander Academy. Parents will attend an informational meeting to review school policies prior to final signing of the contract for educational services. All pieces of the admissions process are taken into consideration when making the decision to offer placement. School staff will be available and happy to answer questions parents have about the program.

Tuition for the 2021-2022 School Year

“Small group” Program………...$19,500 until May 1st……..$20,500 after May 1st. Very limited availability for 2021-22.  Please contact us as soon as possible.

“Small group plus” Program…...$24,500 until May 1st……..$25,500 after May 1st. Very limited availability for 2021-22.  Please contact us as soon as possible.

“Transition” Program 3 to 1 ratio....Not available for this school year.  Please get on the wait list for 2022-23 if interested.  These spots go quickly!

“High school” Program…………….$19,500 until May 1st……..$20,500 after May 1st  Full for 2021-22.  Taking applications for 2022-2023.  Spots are available.

Limited spaces are available as the school has a maximum number of students enrolled each year.  If a classroom opening is not available at the time of application, the student will be placed on a waiting list to guarantee placement if space becomes available. A deposit is required to hold a place in any classroom.


A deposit is required to hold the student’s space in the classroom. No spaces will be held until the deposit is received. Deposits paid are non-refundable. Contracts must be received in a reasonable period of time to ensure placement and avoid loss of deposit and space in the classroom.

Tuition can be paid all at once for a 3% discount or can be paid monthly. Parents must provide postdated checks for tuition payments at the time of the signing of the contract. For students that qualify for the SB10 (Special needs Scholarship) the projected SB10 amount from the award sheet is deducted from the total tuition due. The balance is due from the parent.

Tuition Assistance

Alexsander Academy offers many programs to try to help parents with the cost of tuition. Alexsander Academy is approved by The GA Department of Education to accept the Special Needs Voucher (SB10 funding). Alexsander Academy also provides scholarships from HB1133 funding, which is a program in the State of Georgia that allows taxpayers and corporations to support scholarship programs for schools like ours by giving donors a dollar for dollar tax credit for donations made to approved scholarship organizations.

Alexsander Academy is pleased to also be able to offer additional scholarships – The Marcia Lynn Sandler Memorial Scholarship fund and The Gerald W. Smith Memorial Scholarship fund. To learn more about these scholarship funds please contact Stefanie Smith, Executive Director at These in-house scholarship programs are provided to help families with specific needs such as those families that have more than one child with a special need, being a single parent or not being eligible for the State-funded scholarship programs.

Alexsander Academy offers an extra incentive to parents who are looking for other ways to reduce tuition costs. Alexsander Academy will take 1/3 of all fund raising/donation money parents bring into the school off of their child’s tuition. For example, if a parent raises $3,000 for Alexsander Academy, their child’s tuition will be reduced by $1,000. We will also pay parents 10% of the funds for any grant they are able to secure for the school ( Parents will receive a 1099 per IRS regulations if required by law). In addition, Alexsander Academy offers a referral discount. Parents that refer a student that is accepted into Alexsander Academy will receive a $500 credit on their child’s account. If interested in these and other programs to help reduce tuition please get specific information from Stefanie Smith, Executive Director.