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What Makes Us Special?

Programs Don’t Teach Children, People Do

Alexsander Academy is a place where all children are challenged academically regardless of the differences they may have. We know many children do not fit into a “one size fits all” program so our program focuses on each student as an individual and the curriculum is tailored to each student’s learning needs. At Alexsander Academy we get to know our student’s academic, social, emotional and sensory needs. Our small environment allows us to help them be successful in a classroom environment, to help them gain self confidence and to build true and lasting friendships.

At Alexsander Academy our students learn THEY CAN DO IT!!!

Alexsander Academy is a small private school that serves students with learning differences and special needs. Strong academics as well as daily focus on classroom readiness, social and independence skills.  Academically rigorous and academic remediation programs are available.  At Alexsander Academy we know students need to feel loved and respected, have teachers that focus on what they do RIGHT not just what they do wrong, and to form real, true friendships to feel like a success in school.  We believe ALL of our students are capable – and we treat them that way!

We offer programs ranging from Kindergarten and 1st Grade, Transition, Inclusion, Small Group, and Remediation.  Each program is geared with a set purpose for the students.


Your child needs Alexsander Academy!

K and 1st Grade Program

Designed to be a child-centered classroom which will combine standards based academic instruction across all subject areas and will utilize...

Transition Program

Designed for students who have been in 1 on 1 or therapeutic environments or have been in small group classrooms in school but are ready to learn how...

Inclusion Program

Designed for students have enough independent academic, social and emotional skill to be in a classroom with 8 students with just one teacher...


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